Questions About Billing

You will receive more than one bill for the surgery. Your doctor and the facility will bill you and your insurance separately. When anesthesia and/or the services of a pathology lab for specimens are required you will receive bills from them as well. We will try to give you as close an estimate as possible for the services we provide but note these are only estimates and not a guarantee of full patient responsibility. We cannot be responsible for quoting costs incurred by your surgeon, anesthesia or pathology if used. Remember to ask us about payment arrangements when speaking with us. Our business office will always be willing to discuss your financial obligations to us. At times a co-pay or coinsurance will be required the day of surgery. The co-pay you pay your doctor is not part of our bill or any other bills that may result as part of the surgery.

Requests for patient bills and statements can be directed to Galen Advisors at 678-223-7700.